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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Breaker Night Force Communications Dusty79
Breaker Communications Officer Tenacious D
Breaker Communications Officer Tunnel Rat
Breaker Communications pluv
Breaker Communications Specialist Cobra Command
Breaker Communications Officer Ian
Breaker Communications Turbo_Magnus
Breaker Communications sgartz
Breaker Basic Retraining Midgarn
Breaker Communications Specialist Midgarn
Breaker Communications Sharkbait
Breaker Communications Specialist Kamakura
Breaker Comunications Officer Muskrat
Bully Translator past nastification
Codebreaker Technical Surveillance Mainframe
Cold Wire Snow Serpent Communications danielb
Com-Link Communications ZombieGuide
Comm.-Serpents Communications Captain Tazer
Communications Operation: Blast Off! pluv
Cyber- Vipers Communications and Technology cyborgs pluv
Dial Tone Communications Specialist bucky
Dial Tone Communications Cobra Command
Dial Tone Radio Man Cobra Commander
Dial Tone Night Force Com Officer Devilfish
Dial-Tone Jungle Strike Force / Communications GuanPing
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