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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Batman Caped Crusader unknownsoldier13
Batman Crime fighter unknownsoldier13
Batman Detective mshadow
Batman Dark Knight mshadow
Batman Master Detective / Protector of Gotham City Hive_Viper
Batman Stealth Ops Pyre
Batman Dark Knight Ultimate drbindy
Batman Dark Knight, Black Suit drbindy
Batwoman Gotham City Crime Fighter icecreamman
Black Canary EXCAL Paladin drbindy
Black Canary Fighting Crime drbindy
Black Canary Vigilante Songstress Spin Doctor
Black Canary Vigilante mshadow
Black Mask Batman Villian & Mob Boss sgcaper
Bludgeon Samurai Robot past nastification
Blue Beetle Crime Fighter icecreamman
Brainiac Superman villain pluv
Brainiac Alien Conqueror HypnoHustler
Bruce Wayne EXCAL Director, Playboy at large drbindy
Bruce Wayne Billionaire and Deeply Disturbed Dude Spin Doctor
Bruce Wayne Bat Cave Training and Research drbindy
Bruce Wayne Soldier gijoey
Bruce Wayne Billionaire drbindy
Captain Atom JLI Sharkbait
Captain Cold Rogue icecreamman
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