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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Desert H.I.S.S. Driver Desert Infantry dubq
Desert Laser Viper Lasering things. danielb
Desert Motor Viper Cobra Driver danielb
Desert Rat Desert warfare danielb
Desert Scorpion Cobra desert trooper a.dream.deferred
Desert Scorpion Cobra Desert Trooper and Commander russdawg
Desert Scorpion Desert Fighter Pyre
Desert Sky Viper Fang, Fang II pilot danielb
Desert Televiper Communications danielb
Desert Trooper Desert Infantry/Combat Specialist Dusty79
Desert Viper Sgt Cobra NCO danielb
Desert Viper specialist Sapper danielb
Desert Vipers Desert Infantry Scorpion Squad RedLasersArmy
Destro weapons supplier Muskrat
Dial-Tone Desert Patrol Squad Communications OreoBuilder
Dial-Tone Communications ZombieGuide
Dial-Tone Communications Expert Kamakura
Duke Desert CG Infiltration, Espionage joemichaels70
Duke First Sergeant Grand Slam
Duke Battle Corps First Sergeant OreoBuilder
Dune Desert Specialist Otto the Otter
Dune Desert Paratrooper David Jake
Dusty Desert Trooper/Paratrooper SNAKE
Dusty Desert Trooper pbarny
Dusty Desert Warfare Specialist Kamakura
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