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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Dr. Cassandra Knox Robotics Engineer Veronica Mars
Dr. Mindbender Cobra Scientist MUNDO
Dr. MindBender Scientist Sharkbait
Fifty Marine SRT Midgarn
Firewall Computer Specialist Vanishing Point
Firewall Hacker past nastification
Firewall Computer Specialist Kamakura
Firewall Datastream Technician Midgarn
Firewall Mainframe's Protege Midgarn
Firewall Hacker specialist Captain Tazer
Firewall Computer Intelligence Veronica Mars
Firewall Computer Specialist elgoodo
Flint New Adventure Team commander (EXCAL) drbindy
Friday Phoenix Guard Weapons Specialist Fozzie
General Philip Rey Anti-Cobra Task Force Commander iwbeta
General Rey GI Joe Commander past nastification
General Rey GI Joe Commander Fozzie
Guillotine Plague trooper leader johnwayne
Halo Double Agent / Phoenix Guard Member Iron Will
Heartwrencher You Name It Burn Rourk
Heartwrencher Bikey chick livingwolverine
Heartwrencher Dreadnok Agent Fozzie
Heartwrencher Dreadnok past nastification
Heavy Duty Heavy Weapons Matthew
Incision Plague Ninja past nastification
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