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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Agent Firewall Recruit Michelle LaChance Dayspring
Agent Helix Counter-intelligence Agent (RAH Style) husker85
Agent J Zombie Elimination Department DanOfTheDead
Agent Lizzy Martial Arts toy-nutz
Agent Natalie Poole Covert Operations Veronica Mars
Agent Sorrow Crusaders Defensive Warfare icecreamman
Agent Venom Spionage Rambo
Agent X The Black Assassin, killing danielb
Agent XXX KGB agent Lance Sputnik
Agent Zero Mercenary / former government operative Tim 121RVC
Agent Zero Secret Agent icecreamman
Ahmed Tribal Chief in Afghanistan past nastification
Air Adventurer Adventure Team bcost74
Air Adventurer Pilot Ian
Air Devil Glider Assault HypnoHustler
Air Raid Heli-Viper Commander Jogunwarrior
Air Viper Pilot Patrick A. Riley
Airborne Night Force Paratrooper Lance Sputnik
Airborne Tiger Force HEXEVO
Airborne Helicopter Assault Trooper Wowboy
Airborne Mission briefing Lance Sputnik
Airborne Helicopter Assault Trooper past nastification
Airborne Helicopter Assault sgartz
Airborne Helicopter Assault Trooper Doc Rob
Airborne (Updated) Helicopter Assault Jogunwarrior
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  Page 2 of 88

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