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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Demolisher Dreadnok Brute Pyre
Demolishor Dreadnok demoiltions Kwinn_Lives
Devilock Metalworking and mayhem KrushViper
Diablo Renegades team 2 Oneforceleader
Dirty Doyle Punk Kilcarr
Edger Dreadnok sharp weapons Tim 121RVC
Fuse Blowing things up customgijoes
Gash Dreadnok Pyre
Gnawgahyde Dreadnok Poacher Spin Doctor
Gnawgahyde Dreadnok Poacher HypnoHustler
Gnawgahyde Dreadnok Poacher/Sniper alleyviperelite
Gnawgahyde Poacher, Tracker, Hunter, Survivalist Phobus
Gnawgahyde Dreadnok hunter Arturiguana
Gnawgahyde Dreadnok Poacher alleyviperelite
Gristle Warthawg Driver Stormavik
Heart Wrencher Mechanic Veronica Mars
Heartwrencher Bike Mechanic Vanishing Point
Heartwrencher Dreadnok past nastification
Heartwrencher Bikey chick livingwolverine
Heartwrencher Dreadnok Mechanic Pyre
Hell-Raiser Siege Hold-Out & Distraction Expert hawkeyehicks
Holeshot Dreadnok alleyviperelite
Jackal Bounty Hunter, Biker saber4734
Jackhammer Hand to Hand Combat Kilcarr
Jail Break Breaking and Entry talldrkhansom
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