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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Tripwire EOD Spin Doctor
Tripwire E.O.D. Sharkbait
Tripwire Mine Detector / E.O.D. Tunnel Rat
Tripwire Mine Detector Vanishing Point
Tripwire Mine Detector gunslingercbr
Tripwire Explosive Ordinance Disposal The Gooch
Tripwire Mine Detector sgartz
Tripwire Mine Detector Poody2
Tripwire Mine Sweeper / EOD Midgarn
Tripwire Night Force Mine Detector the pyromaniac
Tripwire Mine Detector Lance Sputnik
Tripwire Mine Detector john_mounier
Tripwire Desert Ops E.O.D. TrooperBrCustoms
Tripwire EOD sgcaper
Tunnel Rat EOD/Tunnel Maneuvers Lance Sputnik
Tunnel Rat E.O.D. sgartz
Tunnel Rat SB: Recon joemichaels70
Tunnel Rat E.O.D. / Engineer MUNDO
Tunnel Rat EOD Topes
Tunnel Rat Specialist squad Squad E.O.D. jak1996
Tunnel Rat E.O.D. Sideburns78
Tunnel Rat Jungle Strike Force / EOD GuanPing
Tunnel Rat E.O.D. Die Hunn
Tunnel Rat E.O.D. Alley_Viper
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