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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Daemon Programmer Mainframe
Dart Pathfinder Kwinn_Lives
Deadpool Lifeguard / superhero, swimsuit edition Tim 121RVC
Deadpool Merc with the Mouth drbindy
Deathstroke Rogues Gallery drbindy
Destro MEDUSA High Council drbindy
Doc Savage EXCAL Adventurer, v.4 drbindy
Dr. Elias Huer Leader, Earth's Defense Directorate drbindy
Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein Mad Scientist drbindy
Drax the Destroyer Guardians of the Galaxy drbindy
Duke First Sergeant Kwinn_Lives
Duke First Sergeant Kwinn_Lives
Eel Underwater Demolitions Kwinn_Lives
Eel Frogman Kwinn_Lives
Fast Draw Anti-Armor Infantryman Kwinn_Lives
Flash Gordon Pulp - WWII EXCAL Prequel Hero drbindy
Free Fall Paratrooper Kwinn_Lives
G.I. Joe Adventure Team Leader Kwinn_Lives
Gamora Assassin, Guardian of the Galaxy drbindy
General Mamba Commander of R.I.O.T./Warlord of Wakanda drbindy
Gnawgahyde Dreadnok Poacher Kwinn_Lives
Gung-Ho Sea Devils Marine Recon Kwinn_Lives
Harley Quinn Joker Gang #2 drbindy
Henry Jones (Sr.) Young version of Indy's dad. drbindy
Hit & Run Light Infantryman Kwinn_Lives
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