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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Gamora Assassin, Guardian of the Galaxy drbindy
General Mamba Commander of R.I.O.T./Warlord of Wakanda drbindy
Harley Quinn Joker Gang #2 drbindy
Henry Jones (Sr.) Young version of Indy's dad. drbindy
Hollywood Hogan Voodoo Child, WCW Champ, NWO drbindy
Howard the Duck Friend of the Guardians of the Galaxy drbindy
Hulk Hogan Hulkamania drbindy
James Bond Classic Cold War Spy drbindy
James Bond, 007 Arctic Missions drbindy
Jinx Covert Operations Kwinn_Lives
Joker Criminal mastermind drbindy
Kermit the Frock Muppet Show rock artist Tim 121RVC
Lara Croft Modern Adventurer drbindy
Mal Reynolds Smuggler/Browncoat v.2 drbindy
Mary Jane Watson Spidey's Gal drbindy
Misty Knight v.2 Hero for Hire (SHIELD/EXCAL) drbindy
Mockingbird Avenger drbindy
Moon Knight Secret Avenger drbindy
Nightwing EXCAL v.2 drbindy
Panther a.k.a. Black Panther drbindy
Race Bannon Adventure Team Security drbindy
Recondo Long-Range Reconnaissance Kwinn_Lives
Recondo Long-Range Reconnaissance Kwinn_Lives
Red Hood EXCAL Vigilante drbindy
Red Skull World Domination, MEDUSA drbindy
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