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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Agent Scarlett Intel Field Agent ibps
Agent Scout Urban Agent Loop
Agent XXX KGB agent Lance Sputnik
Agent Zero Cobra Intelligence Operative Phobus
Aisha Assassin joemichaels70
Alexandra 'Armada' McCullen Destro's Duaghter theunknown
Alice Resident Evil Survivor Stronox
Amelia Earhart Chronophiles Pilot DanOfTheDead
Amy Pond 11th Doctor's Companion drbindy
Angela Warrior Angel icecreamman
Anju Aedes Sabotage and demolition StevieSNLD
Apparition Silent Weapons CDR
April O'Neil Chanel 6 Reporter OreoBuilder
April O'Neil News Reporter 2DARK2C
Arya Stark Game of Thrones assasin pluv
Asaj Ventress Sith Apprentice Lance Sputnik
Asami Koizumi Hero Iron Will
Ash Post Apocolyptic figure indrox1
Assassin Diablo 2 Game Character TeknoKyo
B.A.M. & The Suze Intelligence/Steel Fabrication Otto the Otter
Baby Alley Viper Elite alleyviperelite
Ballistic Cybernetic assassin Lance Sputnik
Balloness Crystal Ball Imposter Baroness nova
Bambi Jean Cobra Redneck; Bride of Beer Viper The pros from Dover
Barbarella Queen of the Galaxy pluv
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  Page 2 of 39

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