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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Ghost US Navy SEAL Night Ops Helicopter Sniper The pros from Dover
Glenda Air Intelligence Officer Veronica Mars
Gyro Viper Cobra Helicopter Pilot husker85
HARM-Viper Cobra Heliborne Trooper starviper
Hawkeye US Navy S.E.A.L Helicopter Sniper The pros from Dover
Helfire-Viper Cobra Tactical Helicopter Gunner starviper
Heli-Viper Helicopter Assault Trooper KrushViper
Hocus Pocus Weapons Development past nastification
Hollow Point Helicopter Recon Midgarn
Josephine Jane "Nightingale" Colton Airborne Combat Medic hawkeyehicks
Lift Ticket JVC Helicopter Pilot alleyviperelite
Lift-Ticket Rescue Copter Pilot Midgarn
Lift-Ticket Tomahawk Pilot Grand Slam
Lift-Ticket Helicopter Pilot Jay
Lighthorse Air Assault Leader Kwinn_Lives
Miles Mayhem Cobra Air Forces Officer past nastification
Red Wave Helicopter Pilot Midgarn
Rotor Viper Advanced F.A.N.G. Pilot Ian
Runjoye Rescue Helicopter Pilot harlie
Runjoye V2 Rescue Helicopter Pilot harlie
S.C.A.L.E. Viper S.C.A.L.E. Crew: Trooper joemichaels70
Storm Crow Helicopter Pilot Doc Rob
Thumbwheel V22 Osprey Pilot past nastification
Vorona former Oktober Guard Sniper Midgarn
Vorona Airborne Assault Midgarn
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