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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
The Green Hornet EXCAL Vigilante drbindy
the Mighty Mightor Barbarian, Falcon Force Muscle drbindy
The Phantom Adventurer, Protector of the Jungle drbindy
The Question Crime Fighter drbindy
The Sentinel EXCAL Paladin Knight drbindy
The Sentinel EXCAL Paladin/Joe Recruit drbindy
The Silent Master Ninja, Commando, Paladin Knight Master drbindy
The Surgeon Mutilation drbindy
The Terminator CYBERDINE Model T-850 drbindy
The Transporter, aka Frank Martin Expert Transportation Services For Hire drbindy
The Widowmaker EXCAL agent/Paladin Knight in Training drbindy
The Widowmaker EXCAL Paladin Commando (v.2) drbindy
Thor Avenger drbindy
Tintin Interpol Inspector drbindy
Tomax MEDUSA Officer drbindy
Tony Stark Garage Shop Tony drbindy
Tony Stark Billionaire drbindy
Tony Stark EXCAL Director of Military Technology drbindy
Tony Stark Genius, Designer drbindy
Tony Stark Iron Man drbindy
Van Helsing 19th Century Vampire Hunter drbindy
Vesper Lynd EXCAL operative; diver; former MI-5 drbindy
Vicky Vale Reporter drbindy
Vincent Vega Hitman drbindy
Wakanda Thug 1 Heavy Weapons drbindy
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