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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Longshot Sniper Mainframe
Longslide Recon & Surveillance Kwinn_Lives
Machine Man Android super hero pluv
Maria Hill Rogue agent of SHIELD Lance Sputnik
Muchnik Commando HypnoHustler
Multiple Man Legacy Virus Victim Lance Sputnik
Nite Owl Vigilante Iron Will
Ozymandias Vigilante Iron Will
Professor Ghostrider Ghost riding the whip pluv
Psylock Mutant Sharkbait
Ra's Al Ghul Demons Head Sharkbait
Red Ninja Mercenary Ninja Kwinn_Lives
Remy Lebeau Thief Lance Sputnik
Ripclaw Cyberforce Operative icecreamman
Rorschach Vigilante Iron Will
Rorschach Watches the Watchmen joemichaels70
Rorschach Vigilante Lance Sputnik
Rorschach Vigilante Iron Will
Sgt. Steele Steele Vs. drbindy
She Hulk Jade Giantess Lance Sputnik
Spuds Field Sanitation Mainframe
Star-Lord Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol.2 drbindy
Supergirl Girl of Steel icecreamman
Swamp Thing Unknown Iron Will
The Collector Marvel Cinematic Universe celestial pluv
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