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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
General Mayhem Iron Grenadiers General Spin Doctor
General Mayhem Elite Commander Fozzie
Hotwire BAT Mechanic past nastification
Iron Anvil Iron Grenadier Paratrooper Kwinn_Lives
Iron Bear Commanding Officer past nastification
Iron Bear General Kwinn_Lives
Major Bludd Skull Squad Commander LIVEVIL
Natalie Poole Action Force Deep Cover Operative past nastification
Orange Cream Soldier Object of Cobra Ridicule LobsterOverlord
PITT Pit Fighter joemichaels70
Red Skull Evil Genius joemichaels70
Red Torch Flamethrower past nastification
Red Torches Pyro-troopers KrushViper
Rip It Tank Commander Muskrat
Shipface 2012 GIJCC Adventurer joemichaels70
Shiver Espionage THE Mike™
Shiver Espionage (Sigma 6) THE Mike™
Snowbank Arctic Tracker THE Mike™
Sparta Undercover Operations past nastification
Timbit Delivery Driver THE Mike™
Wetwork Assassin/Saboteur raptor
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