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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Firefly Espionage, Sabotage, Intelligence gathering tigertank
Frogman Diver DREMEL
Frogman Adventure People Frogman OreoBuilder
Fumigator Septic Hiss Driver Outrider
Guillotine Plague trooper leader johnwayne
Hardline Navy S.E.A.L. Communications Officer The pros from Dover
Harpoon Seal LeeMarvin80
Harpoon S.E.A.L. HypnoHustler
Hydro Viper Cobra Frogman distantjoe
Hydro-Viper Cobra Underwater Elite Trooper The pros from Dover
Hydro-Viper Demon of the Deep KrushViper
Hydro-Viper Elite Combat Diver Kwinn_Lives
Ice Storm Cold Weather Water Rescue past nastification
James Bond Under Water Agent Lance Sputnik
Jennifer Martin Diver sgcaper
Kangor Cobra Dreadnok StevieSNLD
Kraken Red Shadows Water Monster Creature Thing past nastification
Kraken Cobra Deep Water Divers pluv
Leviathan Deep Sea Diver HypnoHustler
Low Tide U.S. Navy S.E.A.L. Maritime Commando The pros from Dover
Mako Aquatic Operations Heavy Armor Doctor Robert Strange
Mara Eel (genetically modified) past nastification
Mara Amphibious Trooper Veronica Mars
Mariner Aquatic Assault Trooper iwbeta
Mariner Amphibious Assault Kamakura
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