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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Clutch Stomper 4x4 Driver Dusty79
Clutch Transportation/Infantry SNAKE
Clutch Transportation iwbeta
Clutch Mechanic alleyviperelite
Clutch VAMP Driver LIVEVIL
Clutch V.A.M.P. Driver / Transportation Specialist Tunnel Rat
Cobra Commander Cobra Leader in Deep Sea Diving Suit Tunnel Rat
Cobra Crimson Horseman (cleaned-up) Crimson HISS Driver GITrekker
Cobra Infiltrator Night Landing Driver Jogunwarrior
Cobra Stinger Driver (Resolute) Vehicle Driver miragearmor
Commander Putin Soviet Tank Commander ZombieGuide
Copper Head Field Commander (Water Operations) theunknown
Copperhead Engine Repair Lance Sputnik
Copperhead Restored The Green Meanie
Copperhead Naval Operations Commander Frenchie
Copperhead Cobra Water Moccasin Pilot lance838
Copperhead Water Moccasin Pilot Keenan
Copperhead Water Moccasin Pilot Jogunwarrior
Copperhead Pilot / Swamp Fighter Richie
Copperhead Water Moccassin Driver russdawg
Copperhead Aquatic Vehicle Driver ADC MEMBER
Copperhead Admiral of Cobra Naval Forces john_mounier
Copperhead Water Moccasin Pilot Spin Doctor
Copperhead Cobra Pilot y2kor
Copperhead Cobra Airboat Pilot MUNDO
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