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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Captain Marvel, aka Bill Batson EXCAL Paladin Knight drbindy
Carol Danvers, aka Ms. Marvel Experimental Weapons drbindy
Casey Danvers, aka Warbird Double Agent (EXCAL/SHIELD) drbindy
Catwoman a.k.a. Selina Kyle, v.2 (EXCAL) drbindy
Charis Brooks Civilian Arms Dealer drbindy
Charles Edward Wojkowski, aka Chewie Co-Pilot, Mechanic, Smuggler drbindy
Cleopatra EXCAL's New ADVENTURE TEAM drbindy
Clutch Transportation, Re-Formed Joe Team drbindy
Cole Cannon Civilian Ops drbindy
Colonel Tigh Prisoner version (Commander in EXCAL verse) drbindy
Colonel Waters SHIELD - Fury Force Liaison drbindy
Colonel Wilma Deering Earth Defense Directorate drbindy
Commandant Sebastian Bludd Prison Island Commandant drbindy
Commander Rogers SHIELD Civilian Task Force drbindy
Commander Saul Tigh EXCAL Commander, Battle Station Gamma drbindy
Commander Stryker Warpigs Field Commander drbindy
Commissioner James Gordon G.C.P.D. drbindy
Cover Girl Armored Vehicle Driver drbindy
Dale Arden Flash Gordon's companion drbindy
Danielle (Dani) R. LeCoq Heir to one Hero, Sidekick to another drbindy
Daredevil Possible Avenger drbindy
Dark Wing Sniper, Double Agent drbindy
Dead Eye EXCAL Infantry; Sniper drbindy
Deadpool Merc with the Mouth drbindy
Deathstroke Rogues Gallery drbindy
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