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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Hunter Self Custom ronin292007
Ice Cream Soldier Flame-broiling Commando IronHeadRat
Indiana Jones Archeologist ibps
Iron Man Outsiders: Tech Weapon Expert joemichaels70
James Jacobs Fanboy: Ultimate Collector bcost74
Jamie Madrox Private Investigator joemichaels70
Jayce Heroic Leader Iron Will
Johnathan Liechtenauer Bladed Weapons Master Kilcarr
Johnny Storm ML Fantastic Four Midgarn
Kevin Godfrey Ninja FNAadventures
Lady Jaye Covert Operations remster_9
Lance Sputnik Sexy Gaucho joemichaels70
Lobster Johnson Outsiders: Shadow Ops/Investigation joemichaels70
Loobot Chrononaut Kilcarr
Mage Outsiders: Enforcer/Do-Gooder joemichaels70
Merger Kumite Fighter / Crime Fighter Tim 121RVC
Michael Knight Knight Rider Vanishing Point
Mickey Mouse Hero Soulgem
Miss Fury Golden Age Super Hero stormbearer82
Misty Knight v.2 Hero for Hire (SHIELD/EXCAL) drbindy
Nightcrawler Teleporter Sharkbait
Nuke Army of One joemichaels70
Nuke II Army of One joemichaels70
Popeye The Sailor Man joemichaels70
Psylock Mutant Sharkbait
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