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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Miles Mayhem Cobra Air Forces Officer past nastification
Monstro-Viper Genetically Enhanced Bio-Beast past nastification
Mutt K-9 buzzerbr
Nemesis The Saboteur past nastification
Rat Bite Swamp Rat Commander past nastification
Red Laser Laser Weapons past nastification
Red Ninja Edged Weapons Specialist past nastification
Red Vulture Combat driver Dark Horse
Redwing Survival Expert past nastification
Resolute CLAWS Covert Light Armor & Weapons Systems raptor
Resolute Crimson Guard Cobra Elite Trooper CDR
RIOT Shock Troopers Soldiers of Tyranny past nastification
Ripcord HALO Jumper buzzerbr
Roadblock Heavy Machine Gunner buzzerbr
Rock N Roll OG 13 Heavy Weapons Trooper bucky
Rooster Resolute Officer LeeMarvin80
Ruby Biker / Transportation past nastification
Scarlett Counter Intelligence Stronox
Scarlett Silent operations/intelligence Drmezmo
Scrounge Counter-Insurgence Expert past nastification
Serpentor Battle Armor / Resolute dubq
Shockwave SWAT buzzerbr
Sightline Anti-Aircraft Support past nastification
Snake-Eyes Sunbow Resolute Commando Ninja kingphilbert
Spirit Tracker buzzerbr
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