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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Ghost Rider Business Casual Supernatural Superhero pluv
Gravity Kinetic Warfare Kilcarr
Gravity Girl Falcon Force Member drbindy
Green Arrow Silver Age Super Hero Joeczar
Green Arrow Vigilante Archer Spin Doctor
Green Lama Golden Age Super Hero stormbearer82
Hal Jordan Test Pilot / Green Lantern Spin Doctor
Hank Pym Superhero G.I.JAC
Harley Quinn Criminal Spin Doctor
Hawkeye Archer unknownsoldier13
Invincible Probably The Best Super Hero In The Universe DanOfTheDead
Iron Fist The Living Weapon of K'un-Lun Kilcarr
Iron Fist Danny Rand from Netflix Marvel universe pluv
Iron Man ATR version, Killing Joes and taking names. sgcaper
Iron Tex mk: 57 Lazy Kilcarr
Jamie Madrox Private Investigator joemichaels70
Janet Pym Superhero G.I.JAC
John Constantine Occult detective mshadow
Joker Psychotic Criminal Spin Doctor
Karen Starr Business magnate Lance Sputnik
Lex Luthor Billionaire Bad Guy and Megalomaniac Spin Doctor
Lilandra Empress of Shi'ar joemichaels70
Lobo Head hunter Rambo
Loobot Chrononaut Kilcarr
Mach-1 Thunderbolts Mr Nobody
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