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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Overkill BAT Commander Pyre
Overkill Cyborg BAT Commander Midgarn
Overkill Android trooper Commander Dr Joe
Overkill Cobra Cyborg iwbeta
Overkill B.A.T. Commander Spin Doctor
OverKill COBRA Cybernetic Crazy Bastard AdrienVeidt
Overkill Cyborg HOTROD
Overkill BAT commander CDR
Overkill BAT Commander Darko
Overkill BAT Commander snowman_ejc
Percival Paracelsus Mad Scientist Kilcarr
Quicksilver Leader / Intelligence with TallyHawk Sgt.Rican
Red Jackal Red Shadows gnaw
Red Jackal Fast Attack Vehicle Driver Midgarn
Red Jackal Hyena Driver Void
Red Jackal Cyborg/Covert Ops zedhatch
Red Jackal Hyena Driver Fozzie
Red Jackal Hyena Driver Jay
Robo J.O.E. Engineer Convoy
Robo Joe A.D.U. Sharkbait
Robo Joe Cybernetic Enhanced Soldier Sharkbait
Robo Joe 2.0 Military Tactical Android CALI Viper
Robo-Joe Jet-Tech Operations Expert jon7351
Robo-Joe Armor Designer/Engineer Jin saotome
Robo-Joe Defense and infantry Keenan
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