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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Grand Commander Mirza Cobra Desert Forces Leader LeeMarvin80
Gung Ho Desert Trooper David Jake
Hammerdown Permiter Security Kwinn_Lives
Hassan Cobra Desert Forces Sergeant LeeMarvin80
Heatwave US Navy S.E.A.L. VBSS The pros from Dover
Heatwave Desert Trooper Outrider
Hiss Driver (desert) driving Hiss Tanks danielb
Hit & Run Desert Mountain Infantry Dusty79
Hit & Run Infantry Die Hunn
Hit 'N' Run Desert Light Infantry Whargoul44
Hood Desert Commander raptor
Igor Desert Trooper mshadow
Lady Jaye Intelligence Field Operative, Retaliation C Richter
Lady Jaye Desert Ops Kamakura
Lady Jaye Desert Patrol Squad Intelligence Officer OreoBuilder
Lance Sputnik From Desert Plains Lance Sputnik
Leatherneck US Marine ZombieGuide
Leatherneck Marine Sgt Humpty
Lifeline Medic beav
Low-Light Sniper TR1ER
Major Bludd Poetical Troop Commander danielb
Motor Viper Commander officer class motor viper danielb
Nemesis The Saboteur past nastification
Night Fox Duke's Dirty Dozen Vehicle Driver OreoBuilder
Nomad Desert Operations narceron
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