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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Ophelia Snake Eye's Apprentice ibps
Ophelia Snake Eyes Ninja Apprentice Hive_Viper
Ophelia Snake Eyes Apprentice Topes
Ophelia Arashikage Ninja Apprentice Kamakura
Ophelia Ninja Apprentice past nastification
Overlord Coil General john_mounier
Overlord Cobra Field Marshall iwbeta
Overlord Cobra Coil General Mr Nobody
Raptor Viper Battle Corps Glider Pilots Jogunwarrior
Rattlesnake Croosbow Expert, Thief RASK1904
Red Shadows Troopers Infantry past nastification
Rock 'N Roll Machine Gunner SNAKE
Ruslan Oktober Guard past nastification
Scanner Media Surveillance Midgarn
Shipwreck Gunners Mate Kamakura
Shipwreck Sailor Kamakura
Shipwreck Sailor sgartz
Shipwreck Sailor (Night Ops gear) remster_9
Shipwreck Navy SEAL Veronica Mars
Shipwreck Image Comics Version TeknoKyo
Shipwreck Sailor LIVEVIL
Shipwreck - Navy issue my first custom Bedwyr
Shooter Sniper Cobra Commander
Shooter Sniper II past nastification
Shooter Sniper Fozzie
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