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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Archer ISIS agent Rosey Joe
Archer Agent of ISIS pluv
Archer Secret Agent sgcaper
Archer, Sterling Malory aka Duchess Secret Agent Iron Will
Arctic Cobra Soldier Arctic Soldier BadAsh
Arctic Viper Elite Polar Infantry y2kor
Arena Wrangler Events Coordinator for the Arena of Sport past nastification
Arena Wrangler Cobra Wrestler Sean Wang
Armadillo Rolling Thunder Driver HypnoHustler
Arsenal Viper Cobra Battlefield Armorer Joeczar
Artur Kulik Field Agent Fozzie
Asgaut Forsvarets Spesialkommando sgcaper
Ash Skullstriker Adventure Team Dino Hunter pluv
Ashley J. Williams Time traveller/cocky hero Jin saotome
Awol Mega Marine Force Recon Jogunwarrior
Axe Consortium Shadow Unit Trooper Phobus
Axle Dreadnok gang member kramer 70
B.A. Mercenary DREMEL
B.A. Baracus Driver / Mechanic mike d
B.A.M. & The Suze Intelligence/Steel Fabrication Otto the Otter
B.A.T. Combat, version 2 the odinson
B.A.T. Prototype Infantry zartan
Back Stop Tank Driver OreoBuilder
Back Up Renegades Special Forces Kwinn_Lives
Back-Slash Destro's Personal Bodyguard (Version 2) THE Mike™
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