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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Copperhead Cobra Airboat Pilot MUNDO
Copperhead Aquatic Operations FNAadventures
Copperhead Airboat Operator Kwinn_Lives
Copperhead Cobra Naval Operations Commander pluv
Copperhead Airboat pilot MUNDO
Copperhead Mercenary/Pirate Iron_Grenadier_Commander
Copperhead Water Moccasin Driver Tenacious D
Copperhead Cottonmouth Pilot Stormavik
Copperhead Cobra Naval Command Caravankidd
Copperhead Water Moccasin Pilot CrimsonGuard
Copperhead Water Moccasin Pilot sgartz
Copperhead Water Moccasin Pilot Stormavik
Copperhead Water Moccasin Driver Ian
Copperhead Moccasin Pilot iwbeta
Copperhead Water Moccasin Pilot Burn Rourk
Copperhead Naval High Command Sharkbait
Cover Girl Armored Vehicle Driver Otto the Otter
Cover Girl Tank Driver Fat Tony
Cover Girl Armored Vehicle Expert elgoodo
Cover Girl Armored Vehicle Driver Die Hunn
Cover Girl Wolverine Driver Tunnel Rat
Cover Girl Wolverine Driver Veronica Mars
Cover Girl Armor blackrazor1
Cover Girl Tank Driver Spin Doctor
Cover Girl Tanker MUNDO
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