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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Demon Evil drbindy
Destro MEDUSA High Council drbindy
Deuce EXCAL Pilot Privateer drbindy
Deuce, aka Jardin Jones EXCAL, Pilot of Knighthawk's Talon drbindy
Dex Forsythe MEDUSA Financier drbindy
Dirty Harry Callahan Crime Enforcement drbindy
Doc Fortunato Pirate, EXCAL villain drbindy
Doc Savage Scientist, Adventurer drbindy
Doc Savage EXCAL Adventurer, v.4 drbindy
Doc Savage The Man of Bronze...EXCAL Science Director drbindy
Domingo Chavez Fury Force Commando drbindy
Dozer EXCAL Adventure Team; Jungle Exploration drbindy
Dr. Benton Quest EXCAL Scientist, Researcher and Adventurer drbindy
Dr. Bindy Mad Scientist drbindy
Dr. Elias Huer Leader, Earth's Defense Directorate drbindy
Dr. John "J.D." Dorian Medic drbindy
Dr. Samuel Andreas Adventurer, Veterinarian drbindy
Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein Mad Scientist drbindy
Drax the Destroyer Guardians of the Galaxy drbindy
Duke Leads the newly reformed Joe team (EXCAL) drbindy
Duncan Idaho Swordmaster of Ginaz drbindy
Elias Knight Secret Service, Mystical Arts Defense drbindy
Emma Frost EXCAL Mentalist Recruit drbindy
Falcon 7 Falcon Force Director drbindy
Flash Gordon Pulp - WWII EXCAL Prequel Hero drbindy
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