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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Baroness Cobra Intelligence Officer Phalanxx
Baroness Espionage and piloting Immortalzodd
Baroness POW Lance Sputnik
Baroness Intelligence mrgreedo
Baroness Intelligence Officer/ Pilot husker85
Baroness Pilot past nastification
Baroness Intelligence Hunk
Baroness Cobra intelligence Arturiguana
Baroness Cobra Intelligence theunknown
Baroness Cobra Intelligence Officer Stormavik
Baroness Interrogation Sharkbait
Baroness MARS liaison to Cobra alleyviperelite
Baroness Cobra Intelligence Agent Fat Tony
Baroness Intelligence & Covert Operations Stormavik
Baroness Seductress Sharkbait
Baroness Cobra Director of Intelligence Tunnel Rat
Baroness Cobra Intelligence Officer Captain Tazer
Baroness Intelligence Operative C Urbach
Baroness Lieutenant of the Iron Grenadiers theunknown
Baroness Evening Gown Kamakura
Baroness Public Relations past nastification
Baroness Cobra Intelligence russdawg
Baroness MEDUSA HIGH COUNCIL drbindy
Baroness Intelligence/Sabotage fettsplace
Baroness Fencing practicce Lance Sputnik
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