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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Freddy Krueger A Nightmare on Elm Street bcost74
Fritz Tremor Smokin Aces 2 Assassin's Ball bcost74
Fury Section 31 Director ronin
G.I. Joe Adventure Team Leader Kwinn_Lives
G.I.Jane Physicist Veronica Mars
Ghost Ninja Henchman Clandestine Operations past nastification
Gideon Dickie Saperstein tribute Patrick A. Riley
Glenda Air Intelligence Officer Veronica Mars
Gravity Kinetic Warfare Kilcarr
Gung-Ho Gunnery Sargent actionjoe77
Gung-Ho Dress Blues Marine Dress Blues jldubbya515
H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock & Billy A-team pilot StevieSNLD
Hacker Computer Tech/Infiltration bucky
Heavy Water Radiological Weapons Specialist KrushViper
Hi-Fi Non-Lethal Weapons Mainframe
Hi-Q Powermaster Pilot Mainframe
Hi-Tech R&D, Operations Support Specialist pluv
Hocus Pocus Weapons Development past nastification
Hocus-Pocus Condor II Pilot Mainframe
Ice Argonaut Feild Medic CDR
Iron Klaw S.K.A.R. Leader KrushViper
J.A.R.V.I.S. Translator / Memory Bank Robot joemichaels70
James Jacobs Fanboy: Ultimate Collector bcost74
Janus Cat Cold Slither Heavy Metal Rock Band Pianist Mainframe
Jason Voorhees Camp Crystal Lake Slasher bcost74
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