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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
G.I.Jane Physicist Veronica Mars
Ghost Ninja Henchman Clandestine Operations past nastification
Gideon Dickie Saperstein tribute Patrick A. Riley
Glenda Air Intelligence Officer Veronica Mars
Gravity Kinetic Warfare Kilcarr
Gung-Ho Gunnery Sargent actionjoe77
Gung-Ho Dress Blues Marine Dress Blues jldubbya515
Hacker Computer Tech/Infiltration bucky
Heavy Water Radiological Weapons Specialist KrushViper
Hi-Fi Non-Lethal Weapons Mainframe
Hi-Q Powermaster Pilot Mainframe
Hi-Tech R&D, Operations Support Specialist pluv
Hocus Pocus Weapons Development past nastification
Hocus-Pocus Condor II Pilot Mainframe
Ice Argonaut Feild Medic CDR
Iron Klaw S.K.A.R. Leader KrushViper
J.A.R.V.I.S. Translator / Memory Bank Robot joemichaels70
James Jacobs Fanboy: Ultimate Collector bcost74
Janus Cat Cold Slither Heavy Metal Rock Band Pianist Mainframe
Jason Voorhees Camp Crystal Lake Slasher bcost74
Jeeves Tremor Smokin Aces 1 bcost74
JEMbender Outrageous Rockstar pluv
Jm7o Selfie as a Youngster joemichaels70
Jm7o "Professional" Cleaner joemichaels70
Johnny Klebitz GTA the Lost and the Damned bcost74
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