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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Dice Bo-Staff Ninja Pyre
Dirty Harry Callahan Crime Enforcement drbindy
Domino Mercenary Tiger Boy
Dr. Andreas Schultz Bioengineer Oneforceleader
Dr. Atilla Scientist snowman_ejc
Dr. Cassandra Knox Robotics Engineer snowman_ejc
Dr. Lucifer Scientist/Research and Development snowman_ejc
Dr. Mindbender Scientist snowman_ejc
Dr. Mindbender Science Officer Spin Doctor
Dr. Vandermeer Molecular Scientist past nastification
Dr. Venom Scientific Research and Development Spin Doctor
Dr. Venom Scientist/Interregator snowman_ejc
Dragonfly Firefly's Apprentice/Sister snowman_ejc
Duke G.I. Joe Field Commander snowman_ejc
Duke Stealth Delta 6 Accelerator Suit War282008
Duke Urban commando squad leader sirjaguar
Dusty Hayes Research & Development past nastification
DVP Pilot snowman_ejc
Elite Ice Viper Commander Ice Viper Officer Muskrat
Firewall Computers Owner of a lonely B.A.T.
Firewall Computer Specialist snowman_ejc
Flash Laser infantry Muskrat
Flint Old Man Dayspring
Flint Warrant Officer snowman_ejc
Flint New Adventure Team Leader drbindy
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