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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Proxy Digital Information Analyst Phobus
Scoop Combat Information Specialist Ian
Short-Wave Beach-Head's Brigade communications expert Liquidation-d
Sneak Peek Advanced Recon Go Figure
Soundwave Decepticon Communications Tim 121RVC
Sparks Communications breaker819
Sparks Communications Expert snowman_ejc
Sparks Information Technology Fozzie
Sparks Communication Specialist StevieSNLD
Sparks Home Base Support Staff Vanishing Point
Sparks Communications Specialist icecreamman
Specialist Squad Green Shirts Different Specialties jak1996
Tech Viper Cobra Engineer ramonesbootlegs
Tele Viper Communications a.dream.deferred
Tele-Viper Communications harlie
Tele-Viper Python Patrol Communications OreoBuilder
Tele-Viper Lego Cobra Communications OreoBuilder
Tele-Viper Communications OreoBuilder
Tele-Viper Communications Specialist Sgt Humpty
Topson Urban Infantry Kamakura
Topson Commando SNAKE
Trans-Viper Strategic Communications starviper
Transistor communication commander Liquidation-d
Uplink Communications Adventurer OreoBuilder
War Fox Communications Specialist Doc Rob
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