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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Professor Appel Crimson Guard Lance Sputnik
Python Crimson Guard Elite Guard: Fred Class CDR
Qaos SPECTRE-Viper Commander starviper
Qarnage SPECTRE-Viper Team Deputy Commander starviper
Resolute Crimson Guard Cobra Elite Trooper CDR
Scar-Face Extensive Enterprises Courier OreoBuilder
Seigee Supreme Criminal Law DREMEL
Serpent Guard Personal Guard/Death Squad Jin saotome
Siege Crimson Guard Traitor sgcaper
SPECTRE-Vipers Cobra Clandestine Operations starviper
Tomax Crimson Guard Commander HypnoHustler
Tomax & Xamot Crimson Guard Commanders (PoC style) Conway
Tomax and Xamot Crimson Shadow Guard Lance Sputnik
Urban Crimson Guard Urban Operations Tim 121RVC
Viudo Rebel Leader / Ex-Shadow Guard Die Hunn
Xamot Crimson Guard Commander HypnoHustler
Xamot Zombie Robulus
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