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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Karen Starr Business magnate Lance Sputnik
Lady Blackhawk Birds of Prey drbindy
Lex Luthor Billionaire Bad Guy and Megalomaniac Spin Doctor
Lex Luthor Evil scientific genius unknownsoldier13
Lex Luthor CEO of LexCorp / Criminal Mastermind Phalanxx
Lex Luthor Evil genious/Superman foe pluv
Lobo The Main Man icecreamman
Luthor Evil Genius AdrienVeidt
Manhunter Hunter of Men HypnoHustler
Martian Manhunter Angsty Superhero in Space Armor ben1138
Metallo Mercenary Cyborg Spin Doctor
Mister Freeze Mad Scientist Spin Doctor
Mr. Freeze Gotham City Criminal icecreamman
Mutant aka Don Lackey Iron Will
Nightwing Costumed Adventurer unknownsoldier13
Nightwing EXCAL v.2 drbindy
Nightwing Acrobat/ Detective/Strategist Conner Kent
Nightwing Dick Grayson, Crime Fighter (EXCAL) drbindy
Oliver Queen, The Green Arrow EXCAL Director, Paladin and Ranger drbindy
Penguin Supervillain, Gentleman of Crime pluv
Penguin Criminal Night Club Owner Spin Doctor
Power Girl Princess of Power icecreamman
Power Girl Super human Lance Sputnik
Ra's Al Ghul Demons Head Sharkbait
Red Hood DC New 52 Outlaw icecreamman
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