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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Nomad Harsh terrain survival /Trapping /Sniper ShaggyP
Oasis Desert Survival Kamakura
Oklahoma Chris Forensics & Intelligence Gathering Rick Wheeler
Outback Desert Ops/Survival pluv
Outback Desert Patrol Squad Survivalist OreoBuilder
Pathfinder Desert Patrol Squad Heavy Fire Support OreoBuilder
PeeJay Para Rescue danielb
Peel Out Desert Fox Driver pluv
Rag-Tag Heavy Machine Gunner Liquidation-d
Recoil Desert Squad David Jake
Red Racer Cobra Desert Scout LeeMarvin80
Repeater Desert Storm Steadi-Cam Trooper ZombieGuide
Richter Desert Operations Driver Badvibes258
Ripcord Paratrooper (Desert Ambush) snowman_ejc
Rock & Roll Desert Machine Gunner OreoBuilder
Rock 'N Roll Machine Gunner Midgarn
Rock 'N Roll Machine Gunner Spin Doctor
Rock N' Roll Machine Gunner (Desert Strike Team) remster_9
Rumbler Fast Attack Driver/Armorer pluv
Run Flat Transport Driver past nastification
Rusty Desert Ambush Patrol: Code Named Whiskey Rick Wheeler
Saguaro Desert Operations Otto the Otter
Sally Squad: Anti-Tank Vehicular Countermeasures DanOfTheDead
Sally Squad: Assault Alpha Infantry DanOfTheDead
Sally Squad: Assault Bravo Infantry DanOfTheDead
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