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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Shipwreck - Navy issue my first custom Bedwyr
Shooter Sniper Fozzie
Shooter Sniper Cobra Commander
Shooter Sniper II past nastification
Snake Eater Phoenix Guard member Robulus
Snake Eyes Commando singsingjohnny
Snake Eyes Image Comics Version TeknoKyo
Snake Eyes Reloaded Comic Book Hero ibps
Sparks Home Base Support Staff Vanishing Point
Sparks Information Technology Fozzie
Special Agent Hauser Spec Ops SNAKE
Special Agent Hauser Special Ops Kamakura
Spirit Commando beav
Spirit Commando Kamakura
Spirit Tracker sgartz
Spirit Tracker MUNDO
Storm Shadow Image / DD Comics Version. TeknoKyo
Storm Shadow Cobra Ninja Keenan
Storm Shadow Cobra Ninja Matthew
Vanguard Cobra Pilot Vanishing Point
Vanguard Immortals Scout alleyviperelite
Vanguard The Plague Officer past nastification
Velocity Plague Infantry / Air Expert carnage717
Velocity Plague Jet Pack Trooper past nastification
Wilder Vaughn Red Shadows Commander Fozzie
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