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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Submerge Hammerhead SHARC Navigator icecreamman
The Baroness Intelligence Officer/ Diver husker85
The Unknown Cobra Eel Defector The pros from Dover
Thomas Martin Diver sgcaper
Tigershark U.S. Navy S.E.A.L. Combat Diver/BDU's The pros from Dover
Tollbooth Bridge Layer Driver Dusty79
Torpedo Diver Vanishing Point
Torpedo S.E.A.L. SNAKE
Torpedo S.E.A.L. (New Sculpt SCUBA) Midgarn
Torpedo SEAL Otto the Otter
Torpedo Navy SEAL jldubbya515
Torpedo Navy S.E.A.L. sgartz
Torpedo Navy S.E.A.L. Kamakura
Torpedo Underwater Demolitions/SEAL alleyviperelite
Triton Underwater Demolitions Vanishing Point
Typhoon Navy S.E.A.L. The pros from Dover
Undertow Iron Grenadier Frogman Kwinn_Lives
Undertow Iron Grenadiers Diver alleyviperelite
Voodoo US Navy SEAL Combat Boarding Commander The pros from Dover
Wet Suit Underwater yjagg
Wet Suit Combat Diver (SEAL TEAM SIX) Hard-er Master
Wet Suit Underwater Specialist alleyviperelite
Wet Suit S.E.A.L. sgartz
Wet-Suit Navy SEAL OreoBuilder
Wet-Suit Navy SEAL Kwinn_Lives
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