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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Cover Girl Tank Driver Fat Tony
Cover Girl Armored Vehicle Expert elgoodo
Cover Girl Armored Vehicle Driver Die Hunn
Cover Girl Wolverine Driver Tunnel Rat
Cover Girl Wolverine Driver Veronica Mars
Cover Girl Armor blackrazor1
Covergirl Armored Vehicle Expert Poody2
Covergirl Mobile Missle Platform Driver wertdog78
Covergirl Mechanic Vanishing Point
Crank Case Mechanic Vanishing Point
Crankcase A.W.E. Striker Driver DavAnthony
Crankcase Striker II Operator Stormavik
Crimson Guard Vehicle Driver Elite Vehicle Operator bcost74
Crimson Hiss Driver Driver of the Crimson Hiss camper
Cross Country Cobra Infiltrator alleyviperelite
Cross Country Transport Expert Veronica Mars
Cross Country H.A.V.O.C. Driver elgoodo
Cross Country HAVOC Driver icecreamman
Cross Country HAVOC Driver Iron Will
Cutter Wave Breaker Commander Kwinn_Lives
Cutter Watercraft Specialist breaker819
Cutter Lego Hovercraft Driver OreoBuilder
Cutter Hovercraft Captain carnage717
Cutter Hovercraft Pilot Midgarn
Cutter Coast Guard Vanishing Point
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