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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Shipwreck Kubrick Sailor beav
Shipwreck Stikfa Sailor beav
Sho' Nuff Martial Arts Expert MUNDO
Skipper Command Dragonfly2099
SlipperBot Tony Stark's casual home footwear automaton pluv
Sloth Goonies movie Hero and childhood friend kramer 70
Snake Eyes Beach Bum icecreamman
Snake Eyes Surfin' Fun Midgarn
Spaceball Trooper Cannon fodder of the Schwartz pluv
Spooky Balls Ghost of Crystal Balls nova
Stalker Undercover Brother SSgt Groover
Stormbrawler Galactic Hero Lance Sputnik
Strong Bad Awesomeness beav
Super Mario Heroic Nintendo plumber Tim 121RVC
The Fridge Physical Training Instructor BadAsh
The Punisher Pun-intending vigilante, Swim suit edition Tim 121RVC
Timbit Delivery Driver THE Mike™
Ultimate Superstar Lance Muscles Sputnik JCW Superstar - Calendar Shoot Lance Sputnik
Urine Viper Discoloration Trooper nova
Viper Lego sized Infantryman Old School Toys
Viper of the Dance River Dancing Viper The pros from Dover
Weapons Wench Holder of Custom Weapons The pros from Dover
Zartan Venice Beach Disguise Lance Sputnik
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