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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Jeeves Tremor Smokin Aces 1 bcost74
JEMbender Outrageous Rockstar pluv
Jm7o Selfie as a Youngster joemichaels70
Jm7o "Professional" Cleaner joemichaels70
John "Hannibal" Smith A-team leader StevieSNLD
Johnny Klebitz GTA the Lost and the Damned bcost74
Jorge Poncho Ramirez Rescue Team Grenadier SOCOM 6
Judge Dredd Police, Judge, Jury and Executioner Rambo
Kaitlyn "AK-47" Tremor Smokin Aces 2 Assassin's Ball bcost74
Klingon w/ Yautja Targ Warrior ronin
Lady Jaye Covert Operations Veronica Mars
Lance Sputnik Sexy Gaucho joemichaels70
Lance Sputnik German Airplane Mechanic joemichaels70
Lancer S.E.A.L. Sniper CDR
Lester Tremor Smokin Aces 1 n 2 Assassin's Ball bcost74
Loobot Chrononaut Kilcarr
Lt. Stone Sigma Six KrushViper
Machete Shotgunner CDR
Mahogany Midnight Meat Train slasher bcost74
Major Alan Dutch Schaefer Rescue Team Leader SOCOM 6
Man of Action Spy Island Infiltration Kilcarr
Mara Amphibious Trooper Veronica Mars
Matt Undercover Cobra Writer joemichaels70
Mecha-Hitler Wolfenstein 3D Stage Boss Tim 121RVC
Mercer Renegade KrushViper
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