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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Flash LASER Rifle Trooper Otto the Otter
Flash Laser Trooper Chuckles
Flash Laser Trooper Kambei
Flash Laser Trooper Poody2
Flash Laser Rifle Trooper Red Sox
Flash Laser Trooper HOTROD
Flash Experimental Weaponry Trooper Vanishing Point
Flash Laser Trooper Tunnel Rat
Flash Laser Trooper Franksenstein
Flash Experimental Weapons Specialist Burn Rourk
Flash Laser Trooper Cobra Commander
Flash Laser Trooper OreoBuilder
Flash Laser Trooper nova
Flash Weapons Systems Tester Trooper
Flash Laser Rifle Trooper Kamakura
Flash Laser Rifle Trooper Doc Rob
Flash Laser Trooper HissHissFangFang
General Flagg G.I.JOE Executive Sponsor Vanishing Point
General Hawk GI Joe Commanding General Greymalkin
General Hawk Special Forces Commander TR101AL
General Hawk Commander Fred
General Hawk Big Brass Sharkbait
General Hawk G.I. Joe Commander danielb
General Hawk G.I.Joe Leader FireFly
General Hawk Commander Stormavik
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