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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Bloodbath special forces sniper/night assault team David Jake
Bloody Mary Missionary CDR
Blowout Pararescue Jumper Die Hunn
Blue Beret Commando Cobra Special Forces LIVEVIL
Blue Beret Officer Cobra Special Forces Officer LIVEVIL
Blue Blood Night Force Commando David Jake
Blue Laser Laser Trooper and Team Mascot joemichaels70
Body Bags Plague Infantry / Wilderness Expert carnage717
Bodycount SAS Force Commando Sundance
Bolo Mercenary Lance Sputnik
Bomb Bay Marine Mainframe
Bombshell Airborne Infantry Mainframe
Bones U.S. Air Force Pararescue Jumper The pros from Dover
Bonesaw Cobra Surgeon iwbeta
Boom Boom Bomb Disposal Driver beav
Boomer Heavy Machine Gunner Electric_Knight
Boomer Submarine Captain beav
Boomslang Mercenary Jogunwarrior
Boone Delta Force Operative Jogunwarrior
Boulder Mountaineer alleyviperelite
Bracker Marine Liquidation-d
Bravo Infantry Trooper Mainframe
Breach SWAT snowman_ejc
Breach Plague Infantry / Urban Warfare Expert carnage717
Breach Navy S.E.A.L. Close-Quarters Combat sgartz
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