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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Beach Head Ranger Jogunwarrior
Beach Head New Sculpt Homage bucky
Beach Head Combat Armor Pugsley
Beach Head Arctic Ranger Jogunwarrior
Beach Head Ranger icecreamman
Beach Head 30th Anniversary Pugsley
Beach Head Desert Assault Ranger Jogunwarrior
Beach-Head Ranger Wowboy
Beachhead Ranger alleyviperelite
Beachhead Ranger, morale and wellness officer danielb
Beachhead Arctic Commando ronin
Beachhead (arctic) creative motivation danielb
Beaver Amphibious Assault Jogunwarrior
Ben 10 Warrior of the Omniverse icecreamman
Bench-Press PT Instructor Jogunwarrior
Big Ben International Action Force alleyviperelite
Big Boa Hand to Hand Fighter alleyviperelite
Big Boa Combat ready Rambo
Big Boa Cobra Trainer Pugsley
Big Boa Viper Trainer Jogunwarrior
Big Boa Cobra Drill Instructor Wowboy
Big Boa 25th Anniversary Pugsley
Big Brawler Jungle Mission Specialist toy-nutz
Big Brawler Infantry Jogunwarrior
Big Jim Sky Commander Pilot, AT and Wolfpack member drbindy
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