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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Green Lama Golden Age Super Hero stormbearer82
Grendel Hunter Rose icecreamman
Grendel Hunter Rose Prodigious Savant Jin saotome
Grendel Prime Cyborg Warrior Jin saotome
Grifter WildC.A.T.s operative icecreamman
Grifter Specila Operations C_Money_Collins
Hal Jordan Test Pilot / Green Lantern Spin Doctor
Hal Jordan, Test Pilot, USAF 419th Test Squadron, Edwards Air Force Base Kambei
Hammerdown Permiter Security Kwinn_Lives
Hard Master Arashikage Clan Master past nastification
Harley Quinn Criminal Spin Doctor
Hat Trick Urban Ranger Kwinn_Lives
Hawk GI Joe Commander past nastification
Hawkman Winged Warrior of Justice icecreamman
Heart Wrencher Mechanic Veronica Mars
Heartwrencher Dreadnok past nastification
Hellboy BPRD Operative icecreamman
Hit Girl Assassian Keenan
Horrorshow Walking Nightmare HypnoHustler
Horrorshow Anti-Armor Munitionist Vanishing Point
Huntress Crime Fighter icecreamman
Incision Plague Ninja past nastification
Infrared The Plague Heavy Machine Gunner past nastification
Invincible Superhero joemichaels70
Invincible Probably The Best Super Hero In The Universe DanOfTheDead
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