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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Red Robin Super Hero Joeczar
Red Robin Gotham City Crime Fighter icecreamman
Red Son aka Superman Red Scare Iron Will
Robin a.k.a. Tim Drake drbindy
Robin The Boy Wonder Phalanxx
Robin Thrillkiller joemichaels70
Robin Caped crusader unknownsoldier13
Robin Alternate Suit for Tim Drake drbindy
Robin Batman's sidekick, Tim Drake drbindy
Rorschach Vigilante Iron Will
Samurai Silent Weapons / Martial Arts Iron Will
Sgt. Rock Infantry Easy Co. David Jake
Sgt. Rock DC Comics pluv
Silk Spectre Watchmen Femme Fatale icecreamman
Solomon Grundy Zombie Hit Man Spin Doctor
Speed Demon NJC 35 Winner Oneforceleader
Sportsmaster Criminal / Mercenary Spin Doctor
Static Shock Hero Iron Will
Superboy / Kon-El Clone of Superman Phalanxx
Supergirl Girl of Steel icecreamman
Superman Super Hero simbalivs
Superman Man of Steel mshadow
Superman Man fo Steel icecreamman
Superman Kingdom Come Farmer pluv
Superman Man Of Steel joemichaels70
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