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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Crimson Guard Vehicle Driver Elite Vehicle Operator bcost74
Crimson Hiss Driver Driver of the Crimson Hiss camper
Cross Country HAVOC Driver Iron Will
Cross Country H.A.V.O.C. Driver elgoodo
Cross Country Cobra Infiltrator alleyviperelite
Cross Country Transport Expert Veronica Mars
Cross Country HAVOC Driver icecreamman
Cutter Coast Guard Vanishing Point
Cutter Hovercraft Pilot Midgarn
Cutter Sea Devils Watercraft Operator Kwinn_Lives
Cutter Lego Hovercraft Driver OreoBuilder
Cutter Hovercraft Captain carnage717
Cutter Watercraft Specialist breaker819
Cutter Wave Breaker Commander Kwinn_Lives
Daina II Sniper (Sunbow version) past nastification
Danger Zone Transport / Recon Mainframe
Darklon Destro's Cousin And Evader Driver V3 russdawg
Deep Six Sharc Pilot Tunnel Rat
Diesel Patriot Grizzly Tank Commander pluv
Diesel Tank Driver Mainframe
Diesel Transportation Specialist snowman_ejc
Dodger S.P.O.O.K.S. Field Leader Sharkbait
Dusty Night Force Trailbreaker Crossover Driver Dusty79
Eastbound Ex-filtration Kilcarr
Ferret Elite Driver OreoBuilder
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