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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Ripper DreadKop - World Without End parts 1 and 2 bcost74
Roadblock Renegades Heavy Gunner Figureware
Roadblock Heavy Machine Gunner / Cook Iron Will
Roboto BAT slayer Rambo
Rocksteady Mutated Rhinoceros DanOfTheDead
Royal Guard Guardian of the Chaos-Bringer Dayspring
Royal Guards Cobra La guards Vanishing Point
Safari Joe Thundercat Villain Tim 121RVC
Samurai Silent Weapons / Martial Arts Iron Will
Samurai Jack Time-Displaced Samurai DanOfTheDead
Scarlett Counter-Intelligence past nastification
Scoobert "Scooby" Doo Misery Inc., Monster Hunter joemichaels70
Scott Trakker & T-Bob Artificial Intelligence Developer past nastification
Screamer Cold Slither Patrick A. Riley
Sea Serpent Cobra Combat Diver Kwinn_Lives
Selina Forced Labor / Resistance Fighter past nastification
Sgt. Slaughter Drill Instructor icecreamman
Sgt. Slaughter Drill Sergeant Nok 4 Life
She-Ra Princess of Power icecreamman
Shredder Shadow Strike Ninja Master icecreamman
Shredder Ninja Master icecreamman
Skeleton McCullen Ancestral Home Guardians DanOfTheDead
Slim SWARM Hunters Commander OreoBuilder
Space Ghost Hero Iron Will
Spad Fighter Pilot ronin
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