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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Snake Eyes Commando LIVEVIL
Snake Eyes Commando madnormigan
Snake Eyes Ninja/Commando DREMEL
Snake Eyes Delta Alpha Commando Richie
Snake Eyes Commando Poody2
Snake Eyes Commando Vanishing Point
Snake Eyes Commando Lord_Chain
Snake Eyes 25th Anniversary Version 2 Makeover Pugsley
Snake Eyes Commando (Desert Strike Team) remster_9
Snake Eyes Commando Kronin1
Snake Eyes Commando Kamakura
Snake Eyes (Tiger Force) Ninja Commando (Tiger Force) greboguru
Snake-Eyes Commando Ninja bcost74
Snake-Eyes Commando unmasked lavenderlad
Snake-Eyes Silent Ninja Commando HellfireSamurai
Snake-Eyes Commando mshadow
Snake-Eyes Commando past nastification
Solid Snake Commando Rambo
Specialist Squad Green Shirts Different Specialties jak1996
Spirit Air Commando bucky
Spirit Commando Kamakura
Stalker Commando carnage717
Stealth Infiltration remster_9
Stick Shift Specialist Squad's Driver jak1996
Stiletto Consortium Shadow Unit Sniper Phobus
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