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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Swamp Thing Unknown Iron Will
The Flash Scarlet Speedster unknownsoldier13
The Flash Super Speedster sporting spiffy Spandex ben1138
The Flash a.k.a. Barry Allen drbindy
The Joker Agent of Chaos, Compete Gotham Part 1 ben1138
The Joker TDK Supervillain Rambo
The Parasite Power draining leech unknownsoldier13
The Phantasm Veangeful Spectre, The Complete Gotham part 2 ben1138
The Question Crime Fighter drbindy
The Ventriloquist Batman's Rogue pluv
Torquemada Green Lantern Sector 3521 Kambei
Tye Longshadow aka Apache Chief Hero Iron Will
Vicky Vale Reporter drbindy
Vigilante Hero Iron Will
Wesley "The Sandman" Dodds University Professor, Crimefighter joemichaels70
Wesley Dodds Sandman icecreamman
Wonder Woman Superhero, Amazon Princess drbindy
Wonder Woman Superhero unknownsoldier13
Zatanna Magician Lance Sputnik
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