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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Knighthawk Series 04 - Arctic (also Explorer Ajax) drbindy
Knighthawk Series 04 - Outdoor Adventurer drbindy
Knighthawk, aka Tristan Knight Series 03 - Paladin Knight Master drbindy
Knighthawk, Tristan Knight Series 03 - EXCAL Civilian Ops drbindy
Kyle Rayner Green Lantern Corps drbindy
Lady Blackhawk Birds of Prey drbindy
Lana Kane Agent of Isis drbindy
Lara Croft Adventurer and Spy drbindy
Lara Croft Wealthy Explorer and Adventurer drbindy
Lara Croft Modern Adventurer drbindy
Lars Angus Hendrix Heavy Weaponry drbindy
Lee Adama President drbindy
Leonidas EXCAL Paladin drbindy
Lt. Abigail LaRoche Science Officer drbindy
Major Bludd Mercenary drbindy
Major James Black Security - Adventure Team Dark drbindy
Major Tom Ghost Astronaut drbindy
Mal Reynolds Smuggler/Browncoat v.2 drbindy
Mark Twain Author, Adventurer drbindy
Mary Jane Watson Spidey's Gal drbindy
Mason EXCAL Support Soldier drbindy
Mauler MEDUSA Enforcer drbindy
Merlin EXCAL Mystics Division Director drbindy
Misty Knight Hero for Hire drbindy
Misty Knight v.2 Hero for Hire (SHIELD/EXCAL) drbindy
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