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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
S.A.W. Viper Heavy Machine Gunner CDR
Satan Ninja Archer CDR
Scarface Cobra Officer starviper
Scarlett New Sculpt Homage bucky
Scrooge McDuck Adventurous Billionaire Soulgem
Sea Adventurer Adventure Team bcost74
Sean Connery Spy Rambo
Sergeant Blain Cooper Rescue Team Heavy Weapons Specialist SOCOM 6
Sergeant Mac Elliot Rescue Team Weapon Specialist SOCOM 6
Shaka Zulu Leader of the Zulu kingdom Tim 121RVC
Shipface 2012 GIJCC Adventurer joemichaels70
Sideways Coils Trooper CDR
Sightline Anti-Aircraft Support past nastification
Skeletron Red Shadows Henchman past nastification
Skip Commando Kilcarr
Skygrinder Sky Patrol Pilot Kilcarr
Slice Cobra Ninja bucky
Slim SWARM Hunters Commander OreoBuilder
Snake Demon Cold Slither Heavy Metal Rock Band Vocalist Mainframe
Snake Eyes 25th Anniversary Version 2 Makeover Pugsley
Sneak Peek Tiger Force Recon mckeehan
Solid Snake Commando Rambo
Soundwave Decepticon Communications Tim 121RVC
Space Face Cold Slither Heavy Metal Rock Band Drummer Mainframe
Spike Witwicky Technological genius Kilcarr
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