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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Scylla Submarine Commander Kwinn_Lives
Sea Serpent Cobra Combat Diver Kwinn_Lives
Selina Forced Labor / Resistance Fighter past nastification
Sgt. Slaughter Drill Instructor icecreamman
Sgt. Slaughter Drill Sergeant Nok 4 Life
She-Ra Princess of Power icecreamman
Shere Khan Khan Industries CEO DanOfTheDead
Shredder Shadow Strike Ninja Master icecreamman
Shredder Ninja Master icecreamman
Skeleton McCullen Ancestral Home Guardians DanOfTheDead
SKELETOR Master of the Universe Cinemaddict
Slim SWARM Hunters Commander OreoBuilder
Snake Army Evil Snakes reprobubbles
Space Ghost Hero Iron Will
Spad Fighter Pilot ronin
Sparks IS and Technology Jimbotron
Sparks Communications Expert snowman_ejc
Speed Racer Demon on wheels icecreamman
Spike Spiegel Bounty Hunter / Undercover Operative Iron Will
Splinter Ninja Master pluv
Stalker Ranger Vanishing Point
Static Shock Hero Iron Will
Steeler Cartoon Version Jimbotron
Steeler Tank Commander past nastification
Steeler Armored Vehicle Specialist Sharkbait
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