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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Sparks Communications Expert snowman_ejc
Sparks IS and Technology Jimbotron
Speed Racer Demon on wheels icecreamman
Spike Spiegel Bounty Hunter / Undercover Operative Iron Will
Splinter Ninja Master pluv
Stalker Ranger Vanishing Point
Static Shock Hero Iron Will
Steeler Cartoon Version Jimbotron
Steeler Armored Vehicle Specialist Sharkbait
Steeler Tank Commander past nastification
Stormavik II Commando (Sunbow Stormavik) past nastification
Stratos MOTU Leader of Bird People Tim 121RVC
Teela Protector of Eternia icecreamman
Tex Hex Posse leader pluv
The Carcosan Pit Monster DanOfTheDead
The Shredder FOOT Clan Master DanOfTheDead
Tick Super Hero Iron Will
Tiny Elite Viper Firebert
Tombstone Bodyguard - Enforcer Rambo
Torch DreadKop - World Without End parts 1 and 2 bcost74
Torpedo SEAL past nastification
Tunnel Rat Renegades Cobra Trooper Disguise Dusty79
Tye Longshadow aka Apache Chief Hero Iron Will
Vanessa Warfield V.E.N.O.M. Villainess DanOfTheDead
Vanessa Warfield Cobra Officer past nastification
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