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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Mister Freeze Mad Scientist Spin Doctor
Misty Knight Hero for Hire drbindy
Misty Knight Hero for Hire joemichaels70
Multiple Man Muir Island Lance Sputnik
Multiple Man Private Investigator Lance Sputnik
Multiple Man Own best friend Lance Sputnik
Munitia Tank Operator / Mercenary / Bounty Hunter joemichaels70
Mutant aka Don Lackey Iron Will
Natalia Kassle Knife expert icecreamman
Nightrunner Batman of France icecreamman
Nightwing Teen Titan icecreamman
Nuke III (Scourge) Insane Military Puppet joemichaels70
Ophelia Apprentice of Snake Eyes Aca1raven2002
Ophelia Ninja Apprentice past nastification
Orlovsky Freedom Fighter, Circus Performer past nastification
Outlaw Mercenary pluv
Panda Body Bagger Iron Will
Penguin Criminal Night Club Owner Spin Doctor
Phobos God of Fear, Son of War Lance Sputnik
Plastic Man Crime Fighter icecreamman
Pooch Pilot joemichaels70
Professor Appel Crimson Guard Lance Sputnik
Professor X teacher, leader of the X-Men gogorobo
Prowler Crime Fighter icecreamman
Psylock Mutant Sharkbait
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